Another precious life has left us. Another unfortunate incident occurred where singer Gu Ha-ra, who suffered from groundless malicious comments, abandoned her life following Sulli. Let’s all pray for the repose of the deceased and express our deepest condolences.

(재)선플재단∙선플운동본부 / 기술지원 : LiveRe

Singer Koo Ha-ra, who debuted as Kara in 2008, suffered from malicious comments following singer Sulli and gave up on her life.

Please pray for the repose of "Save the Singer" and "Sully the Singer," who passed away after suffering from groundless malicious comments, and leave a positive message of condolence and consolation so that there will be no more victims of malicious comments by spreading the seriousness of malicious comments and hateful expressions. Let’s vow to take the matter seriously and stand against all the hateful comments that are dumped on social media.